Our team has the experience and expertise to successfully manage and deliver renewable energy projects, including these Growler led initiatives.

Strait of Belle Isle<br>Tidal Power

Strait of Belle Isle
Tidal Power

We believe that harnessing the energy potential that ebbs and flows with the ocean’s tide is an important and viable tool in the renewable energy inventory. The power contained within the Strait of Belle Isle, nestled between the scenic and historic southern Labrador coast and Northern Peninsula, is a powerful and unique resource to the province of Newfoundland & Labrador. Our team is leading the charge in the research, advancement and development of this important natural resource.

Coastal Run-of-River<br>Small Hydro Power

Coastal Run-of-River
Small Hydro Power

We have identified multiple resources along Northern, coastal Canada that can supply renewable, reliable and sustainable energy to coastal communities and industry. Along with our strategic development partners, we’re working with community and government stakeholders to bring these important projects through the development phase to execution.