We are a renewable energy company focused on unlocking renewable resource potential through project developments. We look at the renewable natural resources around us to find the best renewable energy solutions.

We also offer specialized professional engineering services to the energy sector, backed by decades of industry experience and deep-rooted knowledge.

An ocean
of potential

Our team and partners have decades of experience in the renewable energy industry. Meet the team helping you harness & deliver your renewable energy potential.


Our Approach

Headquartered in Newfoundland and Labrador, we’ve taken our learnings and experience from managing complex projects, and we’re applying that knowledge to the renewable energy sector. We have a progressive approach to project development and problem solving, and we’re known for our ability to deliver.

We believe we can work toward a low carbon future by applying reliable, sustainable renewable energy solutions to coastal off-grid regions, industry, and through our professional services. Our vision is to see the world become 100% renewable.

Our Approach


While our team is comprised of different niche skill sets, we’re alike in many ways. At Growler Energy, you can tell that we’re all from the same glacier.

Caring for People<br>& The Environment

Caring for People
& The Environment

Our work allows us to connect with people and the environment. Respect and caring for both is part of our fabric.



We live for new and challenging projects that change the way the world harnesses and delivers energy. It’s who we are and it’s why we exist.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

We’re a team of creative and innovative problem solvers. We’ve accomplished record-breaking feats during our megaproject work.

Reliability<br>& Transparency

& Transparency

We are reliable and transparent with each other, our clients, and our work.



Our team and relationships are at the heart of what we do. We have the ability to accomplish a lot individually, but our capabilities are limitless when we work together.


Growler Energy is an active member of these renewable energy industry associations.